22 February 2017

Some of you know that recently I quit my day job to work as a full-time singer/songwriter/performer! This is an exciting step that brings along its challenges, like making money with music.

Many of you have been asking me WHEN AM I GOING TO PERFORM IN YOUR AREA? I’ve listened and HERE’S YOUR CHANCE to BRING ME TO YOUR LOCATION! So… instead of waiting for me to tour when I’m “rich and famous”, how about we do this together NOW and organize a PRIVATE CONCERT TOUR! Starting with Belgium and the Netherlands.

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12 January 2017

A new year brings new beginnings and for me, 2017 certainly is one!

I give you a teaser of my new program called “Pop gone Jazz” – a mix of pop hits in jazz and Bossa Nova style, including songs of artists such as Sting, Michael Jackson, Do Doubt, George Michael and many many more… Enjoy and to book me for a performance, just send me an email!


 29 November 2016

I did it! It was more challenging than I expected but I loved every moment of it! Plenty more to learn still…

New tools in my songwriting toolbox

I finished a peer reviewed songwriting course designed by Pat Pattison (a Berklee College of Music prof of John Mayer, …)! I only have one assignment to be graded 🙂 Feels good to be a student again! I used the elements I learned in the course in the tracks that might end up on the new album – some will make it, some won’t, some parts will stay, some won’t – that’s the process, weeding out the good from the bad…

Here are a couple of examples:

Holiday House Concert in Yoga Lounge Studio, Hilversum

On December 17, I’m playing in the Yoga Lounge – a yoga studio in Hilversum, the town I live in the Netherlands at the moment. I’m really looking forward! Likeminded people and a presentation of my newly adopted concept of House Concerts. A step into the intimate world of performance…  In the spirit of gift giving and holidays, one of the attendees will win a surprise gift from me in the value of €750! This is a one time opportunity so make sure you are there to grab your chance! Here is the Facebook event to get more info, share with your friends and let us know that you’re coming.

Concerts in Slovakia during Christmas Time

Since I will be traveling home for Christmas, I am looking at giving a concert in Bratislava (or Vienna) on 22 December and in Kosice on 26 or 27 December. I’ve already contacted several venues but if you have any suggestions, please let me know!


Over the last two months, I met a lot of creative visual artists and other creatives at the Spakennest here in Hilversum – an awesome concept – a meeting/workshop/events place for creative freelancers – 300m from my house 🙂 What more can I ask for? I’ve talked to some of them about a cooperation on my new album and was very happy to have found a significant interest! I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can pull off together!

So all in all, a very eventful month and a half – inspiring, fulfilling, challenging, happy, transformational… I am breathing and living again! Grateful ❤️



October 2016

Ladies and gents, I am now launching a new way to bring my music into your very own living rooms! Donation based HOUSE CONCERTS are an excellent opportunity to create an up close and intimate connection between me and you. Right in your living room, backyard or whatever space you have for a minimum of 20 people (max is up to you) that you invite! A great way to give a gift for a special occasion or just enjoy it on any occasion.

Head over to the House Concerts section to get more info on how to organize one. Below you can listen to a preview of an intimate solo performance. Feel free to leave comments on Soundcloud and drop me a line or send me a request.

Looking forward to bringing more music to your lives 😉


September 2016

A new video presentation of my program “Musical Tapas” is online! The program consists of my original songs, as well as covers of artists such as Amy Winehouse, The Police, Matt Simons,…

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