I have embarked on a self-sponsored tour throughout the US. Playing open mics, jam sessions, participating at a songwriting retreat and sharing my music spontaneously in any way I can.

You, too, can support my efforts and contribute to my Virtual Tip jar to help me cover my expenses at The expenses cover the most efficient mode of transportation (public transport whenever possible), low-cost accommodation, food, participation at a songwriting retreat, instrument rental – expenses are estimated to reach about €5000.

Contributors and supporters (those that helped with food, transport or accommodation) will be given an honorable mention and thanks below and on merchandise after the tour is over.

Petra Jordan’s Virtual Tip Jar Contributors and Supporters:

Magdalena Kovacova (mom)
Dieter Michael Grohmann
Pieter Van Der Merwe
Julie Nobles


Adrien LeRay
Nicole Fontaine Dooley & Justin Dooley
Kane Muir
Tiffany Tillman & John Leddy 
Stacey Blankin

Venues played

The Bitter End, NYC, NY
6B Lounge, Boston, MA
The Lizzard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
Radio Bean, Burlington, VT
World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

Inspirational Influencers
Alex and Allyson Grey @


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