Find out how last week’s track “I Am Not That” was received, how I use Facebook groups to share my music and grow my audience, or even for my personal growth and development, what I’m thinking of bringing into songwriters’ night or what new inspirations I have come across for new songs (to be written!).

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In today’s episode I’ll be talking about the inspiration behind the new song I wrote called “Surrender” (and I will reveal when I will share it with you!), I’ll update you on the custom song’s development, I’ll tell what’s new with my songwriting workshops and how I am expanding their application into the world of ‘team building’. Stay tuned until the end, ASK QUESTIONS or LEAVE COMMENTS – I’m here to answer them!

In today’s episode, I recap the last consultation session (of the first batch) that I had with Anna from the AR Vocal Agency, the workshop with the sound engineer Gerhard Wolfle (Alanis Morissette), my performance at a special occasion in Belgium, an invitation from the Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam to give a class on writing lyrics, also the mix of my single Heart on Her Sleeve… and much more…

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