It is not only my belief but also a scientifically proven fact that everything is connected. Therefore what we do to others and our environment, we also do to ourselves.

Since my early twenties, I believed in giving 10% of my income to causes that I find meaningful, including supporting artistic projects and environmental causes. While planning my 2017 Private Concert Tour, I thought about what cause to support and in the end, there was no other more logical choice than Sting’s and Trudie Tyler’s Rainforest Fund!

Why Rainforest Fund?
I like to learn from and emulate the people whose life looks inspiring to me, on more than one level. Sting has definitely been one of my biggest influences, and it’s not only because of his music!

In addition to being musicians, we both practice yoga and meditation (which have helped improve my focus, posture, health, creativity… and that has a direct impact on my musicianship), and share values such as protection of the environment which affects our entire planet. Moreover, the Rainforest Fund has also a good rating on Charity Navigator.

So here goes, I pledge 10% of all the proceeds from the 2017 Private Concert Tour to be donated to the Rainforest Fund. While it might be a modest amount to start with, in addition to raising funds, private concerts create closer personal connections and that can have a positive impact on stimulating discussions and raising awareness about environmental issues.

And if this tour proves successful, which I have faith it will, I will continue with this effort also in the future! 

As an example of one of their efforts, the following videos document various projects that the Rainforest Fund is involved in:


All information about the activities of the Rainforest Fund, including the reports, can be found on (UK) and (US).

Take a moment to watch Sting and Trudie Styler talk about the fund during the 2016 Rainforest Benefit Concert (on from 0:50):