"Inviting Petra is a great experience. You're not getting a singer that’s coming to sing songs but you’re inviting an artist that lives and breaths music, singing her own songs, covers... Also jamming, just ask for it, she’ll deliver. Invite Petra, you won’t regret it!"

- Testimony by Erwin Wijnen

Private concerts are an excellent opportunity 
to create an up close interaction between the artist and the audience, 
different from anything that you’ll ever experience
in a club or a venue like a bar.



Some of you know that recently I quit my day job to work as a full-time singer/songwriter/performer! This is an exciting step that brings along its challenges, like making money with music.

Many of you have been asking me WHEN AM I GOING TO PERFORM IN YOUR AREA? I’ve listened and HERE’S YOUR CHANCE to BRING ME TO YOUR LOCATION! So… instead of waiting for me to tour when I’m “rich and famous”, how about we do this together NOW and organize a PRIVATE CONCERT TOUR! Starting with Belgium and the Netherlands.

And if that is not exciting enough, I’ve decided to donate 10% of the proceeds to the Rainforest Fund (founded in 1989 by Sting and Trudie Styler)!


To BOOK A DATE, simply check the availability in this Google Calendar

May for the Netherlands 
June for Belgium
To make it financially viable, I need at least 
10 concerts in the Netherlands and 10 concerts in Belgium. Of course, MORE CONCERTS ARE WELCOME 😉 




 Hosting a private concert is FREE.. and you will:

Get an exclusive opportunity to hear my previously unreleased material
 Enjoy my performance in an up-close and personal setting
 Have an evening of live music and fun with your friends, family, neighbors…
 Get good karma 😉 for helping me make a living as an independent artist
Support the Rainforest Fund



It’s very simple:


  • Provide all the equipment (keyboard, mic, sound system, including a backdrop and lights if you like!)
  • Perform my NEW & OLD songs for you – a 60-minute program of my original, and if you like, I can add some cover songs, too! I have counted over 45 songs of mine ready to be performed, some of which you’ve never heard before!
  • Donate 10% of the proceeds to the Rainforest Fund!


  • Choose a suitable date in this calendar (May for the Netherlands;
    June for Belgium)
  • Provide a venue (your living room, patio, garden; you can also book a café or club … your choice!) 
  • Make sure at least 20 people attend. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours… If you’re not sure, you can get 20, you can also co-host the concert with another person! Suggested minimum donation is €15/pp. This is not compulsory, and the amount can be lower or higher (always welcome 😉 ) depending on what one is able and compelled to give. The suggested amount simply gives you an idea of what I need as a minimum to make it financially viable. And it’s still less than one spends when going out… so why wait? Have fun, make a difference and become a host! 

TOGETHERwe’ll have a fun evening and we will support good causes – The Rainforest Fund and my work as an independent artist. It’s a Win-Win-Win!

This PRIVATE CONCERT GUIDE will take you step by step through organizing and hosting a private concert with me. It’s simple and fun, trust me! 


And now to the most important thing! How does a private concert sound? Here’s a sample of a few songs – piano and voice only. I can also play accompanied by backing tracks (instrumentals) and include some covers in my repertoire. Your wish is my command!